Welcome to registration for the CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel

You can participate in our online studies, contribute to research and earn approximately 16$/hour, by registering in our CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel.

More information on our Online Panel

Am I Eligible?
To register in our panel, you must:

To be eligible to receive payment for our study you must be using a web browser with cookies enabled:

If this sounds like you, please complete the following page. If you qualify, we will contact you by email in advance of the experiment.

Will I get paid?

You will not receive payment for filling out the form to register for our Online Panel. However, you will be paid for completing our online studies you will be invited to. Payments are mainly handled by PayPal (www.paypal.com/) a free service. Therefore, make sure that the email you sign up with is the same email address associated with your Paypal account. This way your earnings can be directly deposited in your account. Alternatively, in many of our studies, you can choose to receive payment in the form of an Amazon.com gift certificate. If you do not wish to be paid via Paypal or with an Amazon.com gift certificate, please do not participate in this research. Payment is approximately $16 per hour, however this varies depending on the length of the study. You may also earn bonus payments, which depend on the study as well.

How is data I provide stored?

Information about you will be kept in strict confidentiality and stored on a remote server hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your information will not be shared with anyone outside the Center for Decision Sciences and you will not be contacted except as it concerns the Center for Decision Sciences Virtual Lab. Your personal information will be kept indefinitely until request for deletion and will under no circumstances be given out to third parties. You may choose to remove yourself from our online participant panel at any time without penalty by emailing decision_sciences@columbia.edu with the email address associated with your account. Likewise, the Center for Decision Sciences reserves the right to remove participants from our panel at any time. Please note that removal from the online panel itself doesn’t guarantee removal from past studies in which you have already participated. If removal occurs, periodic emails will be sent to ask if you prefer to have your information completely deleted from our system. 

What do I consent to?

By registering in the CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel, you consent to receive email invitations from the Center for Decision Sciences to participate in online surveys for which you may qualify. Except as it concerns online studies, you will not be contacted. Your participation in online studies is entirely voluntary. You may choose to participate in certain surveys and decline to participate in others. However, you will not be able to participate in our web-based online studies if you do not join the online panel.

What research studies am I going to participate in?

For more information on the Center for Decision Sciences and our research projects please visit our homepage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at decision_sciences@columbia.edu.  

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your rights or welfare as a research subject, contact the Columbia University Morningside Institutional Review Board (IRB) by email at askirb@columbia.edu, or by phone at 212-851-7040.

What are the research purpose, risks, and benefits?

The purpose of the CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel is to create a mailing list of participants (also called panelists) that receive invitations to participate in paid online surveys.  There are no foreseeable risks to joining the online panel.  There is no direct benefit to joining the panel (payment is not considered a benefit of research). It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete the registration form.

 You can register now by clicking the button below! 

Please, enter your information carefully. Registration entries that are incomplete or false will be rejected and those submitting them will not be allowed to participate in any experiments. We will verify your identity before you are allowed to join the Online Panel and receive invitations to participate in our online studies (we will verify for bogus sign ups). This is in order to make sure that only people who intend to take the studies seriously, answer the questions as honestly and thoughtfully as possible, sign up and receive email invitations to our studies. Submitting multiple entries under different names is an act of identity fraud and a criminal offense.